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    BT926 215-75-17.5
All Position Boto<br>BT926 215-75-17.5
All Position Boto
BT926 215-75-17.5

All Position Boto
BT926 215-75-17.5

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Boto BT926 215/75R-17.5

Designed for long-haul applications, the Boto BT926 tire for steer and trailer wheel positions delivers long mileage and durable service. It features a rib tread pattern with solid shoulders that enhance surface contact to minimize wear. The straight ribs reduce rolling resistance for higher fuel efficiency while siping enhances grip on wet surfaces. The tread design also minimizes noise, and in wet conditions, grooves expel water from the contact patch to increase hydroplaning resistance.

Features & Benefits

  • Tough carcass construction results in superior ride stability
  • Sipe and groove design enhances heat dispersion
  • Long lasting tread with sipes to minimize uneven wear

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